These days, by the time a potential buyer sees a property in person, they've already viewed it on-line.


I provide panoramic tours of residential and commercial real estate properties. With a flair for making living spaces inviting and complex spaces comprehensible, I enjoy working with real estate agents and sellers to realize their vision for a property.


To serve you best, I:


  • work within the Pioneer Valley region (from Brattleboro to Springfield)

  • can be available often with 24 hours notice

  • am competitively priced and will scale services to budget

  • can provide same-day service for image gallery photography



Each project includes:


1.) A photo gallery of the property with 40+ images


2.) A panoramic tour of the property, including exteriors, interiors and multiple floors. The tour can be viewed on all computers and devices with web access.

3.) Floor plans for the property (offered as online JPGs, downloadable PDFs, and as part of the interactive tours)

4.) A custom website branded with your contact information

5.) A website customized to work with MLS (no branding information)

6.) Both sites are hosted on


Look inside!

Railroad Yard Road

Explore this industrial site in Deerfield, Massachusetts to get a sense of how panoramic photography can make a complicated space understandable and welcoming.


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Sample Panoramic Tours

Fairfield Avenue in Florence, MA


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West Street in Easthampton


View sample property


Northampton, MA

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